Friday, July 30, 2010

DIY Headbands

I am not much of a headband wearer because I often get headaches from wearing one. Maybe it's because I have a big head. :P  Won't it be great if you can actually adjust the size of your headband? Like have it personally made or something?

Check out these neat ideas on how to make a headband. These pictures were taken from LoveMaegan dot com. You can check out her other DIYs on her website.

Here's another one:

The end product:

And another one:

The end product:

 I also found this YouTube Video by Seventeen Magazine.  

I don't know why I've been checking out some DIYs lately. I used to make accessories. I was supposed to sell them but I lack the confidence to go up to someone and sell my creations. Hehe.. I often end up giving them away once someone complimented on them. Not good for a bussinessman. BoohooO!


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  1. hey gurl! love the awesome ideas here =) you're creative ^^