Friday, July 9, 2010

Native-- Creative

Starting today I'll be reporting in a much farther place. The travel is good for around almost 2 hours but what's good is I can drop by at Market Market whenever I get to go home early. Plus, I'll also be able to check out the shops in Eastwood every now and then.

I've been feeling a bit feverish the whole day but I still managed to drop by atFashion Market. I was just brushing through the small shops when I saw a series of Filipino stalls and their items caught my attention.

I'm not really a native girl. I don't really enjoy basking under the sun smelling like grass but I really appreciate the creativity of Filipinos. It's amazing how they turn raw materials to beautiful stuff.

Imagine! These are only sold for Php25! Interesting. Once I get better, I'll try to explore more of these shops.

I'm happy that I'll get to sleep in tomorrow. Saturday - free style. Booohooo! I got sick.


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