Monday, August 30, 2010

Bags for Men

 I was staring out of the cab when I noticed a guy carrying a chic bag that will actually put my tote to shame. I remember a few years back, guys would only bring their wallets and cellphones along with them (in the case of my dad, he'd also bring a small comb that was always placed in his pocket). Nowadays, it's common to see men lugging around a bag. Maybe it's because of a busy lifestyle that almost everyone has adapted.

Below are a few pointers that I found at Myfeb29 dot com (Tips on choosing the right Men's Bag):

"The bag should be simple and be decently structured. Straight lines would do, do not pick bags with curvy shapes and fancy materials. If this is your first time in buying a bag go for a traditional men’s shoulder bag. You can check out messenger bags and fishing bags. They are practical, stylish and functional".

 "Before buying see how many pockets the bag has, the more pockets the better. The pockets are perfect for all your technology including CD’s, flash drives and laptop. They also support other necessary items like car keys, wallets and your camera. The more pockets it will have more will be its functionality."

 "Go for designer bags but do not go for the bags which have big designer logos or are bright colored till you get accustomed to the idea of carrying a bag and attracting attention amongst people. Always start with traditional and classy black and brown bags."

 Carry your bag in a way that makes your personality looks attractive. A bag with long straps can be swung across body with the bag facing your back, for an informal look. But if the bag is heavier then hang it on your shoulder. But in any case do not shorten the height of the bag. Do not carry any papers or files in your hand they are totally feminine.


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