Friday, September 10, 2010

Homework.. is finally done!

Thank God for holidays! I was able to finally finish this homework after days and days of procrastinating. It was so timely that I didn't have to work today. Dressing up can sometimes be a bore but if you have a certain theme, it takes the bore out of it. Say whaaaa? Anyway, here are the pictures:

Lunch- shopping.
 I've bad allergies and it's often seen on my legs which is why I rarely wear shorts, skirts or dresses. I purposely used my phone's camera so the allergies wouldn't be that visible. Thank God for low megapixels. :P

Travel: Jet set. 
The last time I traveled, I made a mistake of plainly putting on a pair of jeans and slippers. At that time I was thinking about COMFORT. Now I know better. 

Modern version of Sailor Moon. HA!

I ain't usually this colorful.

My favorite.

---something that I miss.

2nd day of class tomorrow.


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