Sunday, November 28, 2010

Belly Dance Show is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Belly Dance Show that I'll be joining in. I haven't really absorbed the fact that tomorrow will be the show til now. :P ..I realized, I haven't gotten anyone to fix my hair and make up. My hair is a huge problem since I have short hair and most belly dancers obviously have long hair. Spending on hair extensions is not really an option so I guess I'll just curl it tomorrow-- or probably have someone curl it.

I've been thinking about what kind of eye make up I'll be putting on tomorrow. Obviously it should be with a touch of "Arabic/Bollywood".  I'm not used to putting too much eye shadow or even lining my waterline but I've been addicted to lining my lids with thick eyeliner (I WONDER WHY I SOUND SO REDUNDANT TONIGHT. I'M PROLLY TIRED.). Oh my. I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow. :)

This is a make up option--- I guess. I like the effect of the eyeliner except that I don't think it is visible on stage.

I like this one as well. I wonder if I'll get to achieve this look.
Sometimes I wonder if I should've taken a make up class instead of a fashion styling class since I didn't really learned that much stuff ... because.... oh well. I'll just keep my mouth shut. :P

 Artistic. :) Though I'd definitely look weird commuting in this one. hehehe

Since I'm blabbing about our Belly Dance show, I'd like to share my interest on doing a photoshoot inspired by this photo-- Sharon Kihara. I love how powerful and graceful she is when she dances. She's a great tribal belly dancer. :)

Love the accessories. :)


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