Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gold Watches

It has been old fad but it's only now that it caught my interest - GOLD WATCHES. I've always been a fan of big watches. Wearing them makes me feel empowered and sexy (weird I know!).

Been surfing the net the whole morning when I saw a picture of a model wearing a gold watch. I luuuurv it. :)

I love the fact that it looks blingy and formal at the same time. It goes well with stacked bracelets and sorts of things similar to those. I used to match the jewelry/accessories that I wear depending on my watch but I guess I'd rather have all kinds of stuff mixed together. It makes the whole picture look spontaneous and fun.

I'm hooked to Ashley and MK Olsen lately. They remind me of my best friend. She looks a lot like them.:)

Cutie!! He looks like a stuff toy. :D


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