Friday, November 19, 2010

Productive Holiday Photoshoot

We had a very productive photoshoot last Tuesday. It was tiring because the sun was scorching hot and we were set to do the shoot at my aunt's rooftop. We started shooting at around 12 noon and ended up around 5PM. It was a long but fun shoot.

Among all the shoots that I've experienced, this is my favorite. The team was brilliant. Our team consists of a graceful and funny model (Stephany Stefanowitz), a creative make up artist (Katchie Mejias), 2 very patient and generous photographers (Joannie Saturno & MC Lee) and of course my ever dependable partners (Sheila Del Rosario & Khaye Alvaran).

Good pictures = hardwork + creativity + teamwork!

From left to right: Sheila, Khaye, Katchie, Me

 Heavy Luggage. Yes!! We all looked like backpackers just to bring all these stuff for the shoot.

I'll be selling some of these stuff soon. I left most of my accessories at home. I'm a self-confessed accessory freak.

 Katchie with Steph. :)

 Annie with Steph. :) 
Annie's been a good friend since college. She's also into accessories like me. :)

School's amost done... Guess what I'm going to do next!

Here's a clue:


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