Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoes: Office Shoes

Working in a hotel means having to follow a strict dress code. We are all advised to wear dark suits with neutral colored shoes. I feel so shoe-deprived and it's very tempting to shift industries just to let my inner gypsy take over. :P

Wouldn't it be great if I can improvise the dress code even a bit? Even the shoes? :)  Anyway, here are some nice nice nice shoes I saw at style(dot)com. :)

This reminds me of a pair I have which I rarely use now. Why? Because they're one size bigger than me. hehehe When I bought it, I was a bit sad and tired and didn't notice the size. I tried the shoes on when I was in the store but I dunno what happened... I got a size 8. hehehe

I like the futuristic feel of this one. :)

If this shoe can talk it'll probably say: I'm nice but I sting. 
hahahahha! Corneeeee!

 My favorite. It reminds me of a coporate Cinderella. :)


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