Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 Basic Silhouettes

Weeks ago I bought a book about dressing for your body type. It was recommended by a stylist I know. The book discussed about the kinds of common body types and boy there's just so many!

This morning I stumbled upon an article about dressing up based on only 3 main types of silhouettes:

1st Body Type - Notice that that the shoulders is narrower than the hips

 2nd Body Type - the hour glass figure. The shoulders and the hips are proportioned making the waist very visible/defined.

  3rd body type - the shoulders are broader than the hips.

The main idea of working with these three silhouettes is basically clothing yourself based on your bone structure irregardless if you are on the skinny or on the voluptuous side. Here's a more detailed version of this idea.

 What's your body type? I guess I would fall on the 1st one. :P


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