Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bellydance (Late posting)

This is a super late update on the Belly Dance show that was held last week of November. I know! It's almost Christmas and it's only now that I'm putting this up.

WORK life for me has been crazy. Had to organize 2 parties and I had only 2 weeks to prep things up. It was crazy but I discovered a lot of things about myself.

Here are the picture taken during the belly dance show. I'm glad I took up belly dancing because my groupmates and I were able to use it in our group presentation for the Christmas Party. Guess what?? We won 1st place! :)

This was just before the show. Had to do a run through. :)

 I love the fact that I can be myself when I'm dancing. I've never really danced since I was little. It wasn't really my turf. I'm glad that I joined the belly dance community. I learned to accept myself more. It felt good to be silly .. it felt good to be finally comfortable in my own skin. :)

My friends-- very supportive. Love them!


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