Friday, December 31, 2010

Loving the Pixiwoo Sisters

Apart from fashion, I'm also in love with make up. I love the way it defines the features of someone's face as well as the confidence that it gives. I'm a late bloomer and I started on putting real make up last year. hahaha! I remember years ago when I slapped on some cheek tint and my colleague asked me if I was having allergies. Boooo! :P

When I was bumming around early last year, I spent my time watching youtube videos and some of the make up videos that I really really admire are Pixiwoo's. Since then,I started following their videos. Their' are very informative and professional.

Meet Sam and Nic Chapman aka Pixiwoo :)

I read some negative stuffs about them somewhere and I feel bad for them. I don't care if they have banners on their videos or what they are outside youtube, I just think they're real artists and they're doing a great job in educating people like me in Make Up Artistry.  Kudos to the both of you! :)

Visit their channel here and here
Visit their blog here.


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  1. Their makeup is amazing!
    Love your blog too.