Sunday, December 26, 2010

Party like a Rockstar

I can't wait for Dec. 28 to be over. We're arranging yet another party (yeah, I'm a party pooper especially if I'm the one handling the arrangements). It's a charity event for the hotel. Just a little costume party for the employees. The theme? Rockstar. 

Majority chose the Rockstar theme thinking that it's the easiest. Well, it is easy. I wonder how they will all dress up on Tuesday. People lack creativity sometimes. If there's something I miss in the previous company that I worked with, it's their resourcefulness and competitiveness. December that year, parties were sprouting like mushrooms and everyone made an effort to dress up.

Been looking for inspirations for my outfit on Tuesday..

Love this photo of Aimee. Her everyday outfit rocks.. like a rockstar. ^_^

Notice my love for stockings/leggings and boots? Yes, I love them!! Sadly, I can't wear them on an everyday basis here in Manila. 'Tis hard to commute in those outfit. It would be interesting but as of the moment am not yet ready to ride the jeepneys/fx/bus/mrt wearing those. ..or will I ever be ready to commute wearing those? :P


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