Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I can't believe my birthday's coming up. If someone hasn't mentioned it to me, I woudn't have remembered it. Wishlist--- wishlist.

For some reason, I prefer this kind of make up kit as compared to the traditional box type. Maybe it's because this seems a lot lighter. Found this at Suesh Online.

Heard that this makes a good highlighter.
I loooove colors. :)

..And more Colors..

and moooore colors. I saw the 3 palettes at Dollface. I wonder if these palettes are nice. Well.. they look nice to me. hehehe
Nars Orgasm. -- I wonder what they were thinking when they tried to come up with the product's name. Heard that this matches any skin tone. I wonder if it'll match mine. Can't wait to buy. Can't wait for an "orgasssssssmic" experience. hehehe

Decent make up brush kit from Suesh. :)

Cinema Secrets. Heard from a MUA friend that this works really realy well.

And the last one-- Benefit 10. I saw Kandee the make up artist used this. I dunno i the product's great or it's just Kandee who's really great. :)

I know I'll be able to buy all of these after some time. These are all just material stuffs. I'm looking forward to meet my dentist but at the same time I'm kinda dreading it because the "procedure"might be painful. All in all, I'm still relieved and happy because after the accident, I realized a lot of things. I actually look A-OK minus one chipped tooth. hahaha! We'll see what will happen but for sure I'm going to be ok. :)


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