Monday, January 3, 2011

Dress Code and Victoria

 I have a love-hate relationship with my job as a hotelier/HR person - one of the contributing factors is the dress code. When I entered the hotel industry, I became good friends with my suits (aka blazer and pants/skirt combo), stockings, pumps and simple make up. We're expected to look polish

Wouldn't it be nice if we're allowed to wear a pair of skinny jeans from Mondays - Fridays? Or prolly dress like Victoria Beckham and still look polshed?

Wouldn't is be nice if I could wear stuff like these on a daily basis? 80% of my wardrobe is composed of suits. BooohoooO! Will try to balance it out this year.. *crosses fingers*

This can pass up for a Saturday work gear. We're still expected to look formal but my stubborn says so no to boring outfits and yes to self expression!

I'd be kicked out of work if I wear this..

 I think anyone can look polished without looking boring. I think I kinda looked boring last year (2010). The company dress code killed my style. I'm aiming for investing in interesting pieces. Afterall, I'm planning to resign within the year. I might probably try a new industry. We'll see.. whichever works for me.

Gotta prep for work! :)


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