Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where to?

I wonder what's next for me after my recovery? I'm planning on sticking to my job for a while and save enough money before hopping on to another company. Actually back in 2009 when I first got the job, I was after getting a promotion (which I did), saving money so I can send myself to school (which I was successful in doing so) and then start a career in styling. 

Things changed when I send myself to school and didn't quite get the learning that I was hoping for. After attending school, I realized how stiff the competition is in the Fashion Industry and how beneficial having good relations with the right people is. 

I'm actually torn between taking another certification in Fashion Styling and this time really LEARN more. OR study Make up Artistry which is a whole new world for me. If only I had a good mentor in styling class, I think it would be much easier.  Oh well, let's put the past behind and learn from whatever disappointment you've encountered.

I think I'll work in the corporate setting a bit more. Thank God for the promotion. I hope to excel in this "supervisorial" position.

Just sharing with you a picture of my Make up Artist friend - Katchie (a young professional MUA- hope you can check out her site). This picture inspired me to reflect on what I'm gonna do next after recovering from this accident.


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