Friday, April 29, 2011

April Gallery

Lotsa things happened this month. My babe got sick and she had to visit the vet. Poor Pettie, she had injections and such. It's a good thing she was able to recover after a week of good rest and medicines. 

I've been hoarding makeups. I love colors as much as I love black and white. Ironic eh? :) Got 3 packages of makeup today and I don't know why I just have to buy them. I have a feeling I'll end up selling the items anyway.. :P

My first love - styling. If you dream of being a fashion stylist then you gotta read this. I'm already halfway through this book and I'm starting to feel that I should have read this before I enrolled myself in a styling class. Very informative book. I actually think that this is more informative than my styling class (minus the fun hands on training). All the "realities" of the styling world were revealed in this book. I just love how realistic it is. Kudos to the author! I hope to meet you in person. :) 
A photo I stole from my friend's facebook. :P
To Clyde: Even though we never really got to talk that much except when you were about to resign, I can say that I pretty much appreciate everything. It feels great to talk to someone who's very passionate about  something. It's very motivating and I feel like I just want to do my best and follow my heart. I guess I'll see you after 3 years - you as a world known chef and me as a celebrity stylist/makeup artist. We'll see. I'm crossing my fingers because I know that  it's not going to be easy.  I pray that you'll always be guided and enlightened through journey. I'll see you again.
 I'm gonna steal your autograph someday and will sell it in ebay.  :P

There goes my April.


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