Friday, May 27, 2011

Corset and Bustier Dresses

It's Friday again and it's raining again in Metro Manila. I dunno if I was able to mention in my previous entries that I'm actually fond of the rainy season. Yes, while others are whining about getting their feet wet, I'm loving it. I guess it's something about the clothes-- wearing trench coats or jackets, wrapping yourself with scarves and the likes.

Anyway, even though it's raining outside I'd like to share with you some "summery" things that I found at Facebook. Look how cute these dresses are. Too bad I'm not so much of a short "dress person" (I'm loving maxi dresses despite of whatever season). 

Perfect for Spring. ^^
Tube Dress -- something that doesn't flatter me. For the reason that my chests are tad too small. hahaha!

My favorite out of the bunch. It may seem too simple for you but I love it. 
I swear I'm gonna wear cute dresses like these before I hit the big 3-0. I have 5 more years left to prepare. Ha! ..Well, if ever you want to check these out, you can get them at Fab'n Chic Shoppe.


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