Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday at Kogi Bulgogi & Figaro

The days are going by so fast! I can't believe it's already Monday. Me and Cham (my sister) had a feast at Kogi Bulgogi to celebrate her birthday. She's getting old.. and I am too. :)

We love to eat Korean food. We're both crazy about it. We can eat Kimchi for breakfast, lunch and dinner - that's how bad we love it.
My sister finally tried the Kimchi Pancake. She's been drooling over that since last year but we never really get to eat out lately because my schedule's been crazy. 

The famous Bibimbap!

Finally done with the meal! :D
Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a picture of everything that  we ordered. BUT I can definitely say that eating at Kogi Bulgogi is a must because some of their dishes are superb and their prices are reasonable.
We had soup (that has squid and clams and such!), chicken, pork version of Sam Gyupsal (I dunno what you call it.. and yes, I tend to forget the names of the food that we often try maybe because I don't cook and I don't care about the name.. but I love to eat! Say what!?) , Kimchi Pancake and others.

After having lunch, we went to Robinson's Galle and watched a movie. We simply transferred malls because I wanted to be in a new environment (I work at Eastwood even on Saturdays).  Watched Xmen then.. EAT AGAIN!

We went to Figaro and this is what my sister had. And Oil based pasta ( yes, I forgot the name again!)

Guess what I ordered?? Corned beef!! hahaha! How unique right??

Meet the starving birthday celebrant. :)

Me.. the corned beef eater who was having a severe migraine at that time.

Lil simple Blueberry Cheesecake.

Rare photo of myself. As you can see, I rarely take photos of myself. Lucky to have my sister around - she's actually good in taking pictures.
We once dream of having our own studio. Me as the stylist and make up artist and her as the photographer.
We'll see.
Life's how we make it.

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