Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday at Banapple

Spent my Friday night at Banapple. Semi-quiet dinner with a good friend. It was actually my first time to eat there because I don't frequent along the Katipunan Area. Here are a few photos from our food adventure:

This rolled lasagna is ok except that I find it tooooo cheesy (Don't mind me.. I'm just not a cheese person!).

Not a sucker of white sauce pasta BUT I think this is better than the lasagna. You can really taste the "meaty essence" of this one.
One thing I noticed is that they have a large serving-- good for Starving moments. hehe

Meet Cafe Mocha! I ordered this one because I wanted to compare it with Starbuck's. As expected, Starbucks Cafe Mocha is still the best. This one I didn't really like. I find it too bitter (considering that I am an avid coffee and cafe mocha drinker) and too sweet. 

To be honest, the tables impressed me more than the food. :)   Love the cozy ambiance of the restaurant. The service staff was attentive.
I guess I'll pass up on their pasta next time.. I want to try their Beef Salpicao! :D

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