Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golden Spoon -ing

Ever since I've tried Golden Spoon, I've been hooked! I'm not a yogurt fan and I've only tried 2 yogurt stores - one is Golden Spoon and the other is California Berry. I think I'm loving this one more. It's more on the sweet side than sour one. 

It's too bad that when me and the team went for yogurt they no longer have the buy one take one promo. It's good though. Php159 plus some free toppings (marshmallows, choco something, peanuts and/or nerds). You can also refill these toppings! Great buy right?

I haven't tried this one. Boysen Berry. 

Mine. I had Double Vanilla in hopes that this is a less sweet than the Cake Batter. But then I think this is sweeter. All's good though.

The only disadvantage of holding the camera is not being in the picture. Boo! :D  Oh well, what matters is the team enjoyed this short afternoon delight.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the Socials Committee was able to come. We decided to order for them. Hope they like it as well.

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