Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday at Mr. Kimbob & Chatime

I'm very very very happy because tomorrow is a holiday!! Hurrah for Jose Rizal! Hurrah for holidays! :D The week went by so fast and I was faced with the usual challenges at work. Less time, MORE WORK. BooO! But then again, we're given hard times so we can learn to appreciate the good times better.

Went to Makati with dear Champoi - my sister and we had a Korean feast (as usual!). We merely ate at Mr.Kimbob in SM Makati. The last time we ate there was last year and it's amazing to see a lot of changes with the lil stall. 

They now serve the Bibimbap in a sizzling plate. This isn't Bibimbap. It starts with a letter "D". I forgot the name.
I'm not so fond of eating in sizzling plates but I appreciate the food since it's a Korean cuisine. Yummers!

Meet Mr. Kimchi. He is now in my stomach! :D
Had to order another plate of Kimchi. Me and my sister are born Kimchi-eaters! 

After our late lunch, we went to Landmark and tried Chatime. I saw this in Jenni Epperson's blog (my fave!) and it tickled my curiosity. My sister had Red Bean Milk Tea and I had a Coffee Smoothie. Yes, I know.. why order a Coffee Smoothie when you can always have elsewhere? It's because I'm not much of  fan of bubble teas. 

"Good Tea Good Time" -- Well, I was having a good time window shopping while having my Coffee Smoothie.

Exerting effort of being LESS camera shy.
I originally had a blazer when I went to work earlier that day but I felt too dressed for the mall  so I decided to  chuck it inside my bag.

Oh well.. I'm gonna enjoy this long weekend! ^^


  1. OMG ang sarap! I miss the Philippines ;( Great pictures <3

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  2. Lovely dress, or is it a skirt and top? Beautiful nonetheless. =) Great pictures! I've never tried eating at Mr.Kimbob, SM Makati. The food looks yummy!!