Sunday, June 5, 2011

Post Beach Relaxation at Army Navy & Starbucks

Company Outing - check! Finally done with the summer outing. I decided to take a leave for a day and just relax. I'm aiming for work-life balance baby! -- yes, for the nth time I'm saying this.

My friend and I didn't have any itinerary for the day and so we went somewhere different - far from malls and the usual things. We went to the bay side and talk and ate a lot!

Ordered this double burger which was awesome. I was already full when I finished this but we ordered a burrito which we too had to finish! Gluttony alert!
I think this meal compensated my lack of eating during the preparation of the company outing. I tend to lose my appetite during busy period. 

Meet the foiled burrito and onion rings. The onion rings were sweet but I still prefer Burger King's. The Burrito was "herby". It was ok. :)

Meet me in my alterego projector form -- not the usual business looking lil gurl.

Just because I didn't know how to pose. :)

To be honest, I am camera shy. I just wanted to take pictures because a good vacation like this seldom happens.

'Til my next relaxation..


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  1. I love Army Navy's burrito. So yummy and filling! :)