Monday, July 4, 2011

Rainy Season = Closet Cleaning

I've cleaned my closet once again. I'm getting rid of this ring and sell it to ebay just like the others..

 I dont' feel like going out every time it's raining. If I can only skip work and stay home, watch dvds and sip a warm cup of hazelnut coffee..
Since it rained yesterday, I decided to clean my closet and get rid of the things that I haven't used for quite some time. It was kind of difficult since a lot are my beloved but what to do? My closet is a mess and there's no visible space to stack on the new things.
And now.. since my closet is clean.. there's added space.. I can't wait to go cyber shopping and clutter up my closet once again. hahah!

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  1. i just cleaned out my closet too, it was so painful. im always telling myself "no dont get rid of that you'll need it" hahah and then i never wear it. plus gotta make more room in my closet for new finds
    Forever Chic,