Monday, August 29, 2011

Favorite Monday

At Krazy Garlic, we got Crazy HUNGRY!
Me and my friends finally got the chance to go out and try Krazy Garlic.
The food was great but the service needs a lot of improvement.
We availed the items that you see in the picture and added PhP30 for servings of unlimited rice.
What happened was.. we waited for 15-20 mins. before they give us our second serving of rice. We were already full and  the food has gone cold already.
My friend ordered her 3rd round (hehehe.. ) of rice but unfortunately, she had to wait for another 10 mins. before it was served.
Booooo. :(

I was supposed to get the name of our server because I thought she can work in our hotel. tsk tsk.
I think Krazy Garlic serves good food, really. They just need to improve in the service side of their business.

Still feeling "unfulfilled" after our Krazy lunch, we went to Red Mango and hang out. God, I missed having a chat with my   college friends.
Here's Abibi grinning at the camera.. ^^

View from Red Mango --- Raffles.
If I won't be able to become a celebrity stylist/mua, I'll make sure to work there as an HR Director. ;)



At the movie house...

Just before the movie started...

Goofing around with fur coats. :)
We're hitting Seoul next year! Oh yeah!

Supportive friends.. they took this picture. I felt shy having to pose in front of them.. but then heck.. they're my second family. :)


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