Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong in Trinoma

The only decent photo that my sister took during the event. What can I say, I was lucky to see him despite of not having to sacrifice so much like the others. Was supposed to skip work today so to take part in the High Five event. But then since I got sick last week (and was forced to take a leave), I didn't have the heart to be absent from work again. Yes, I'm obsessed with my job sometimes.

Meet the girl who skipped class. It's a good thing she's lucky to be part of the first 500 participants in the event. Guess who cried after seeing and "highfive-ing" Hyun Joong? hahaha!

Aside from work, fashion and makeup, I also have a tendency to be obsessed with books... You can leave me in a bookstore for a whole day and not get bored.

I'm watching my diet but I ended up eating burgers. ^^
Life's too short.
To be honest, I was surprised to see a loooooooot of people during the event. I knew there will be a lot but I didn't expect that it will be packed even at the highest floor. The activity was a success.
While I was waiting for the event to be finished, I can't help but think.. Do you think Kim Hyun Joong is HAPPY? I mean, yes you can be very popular and your career is at its peak but sometimes these things don't define/add up to happiness at all.
Oh well. This is just me pondering.


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