Monday, September 19, 2011

Hot for Hot Pink Lips

I know it's way past spring/summer but I'm dreaming about hot pink lips tonight. I wonder if I'll go to work wearing this. The photoshoot last Saturday must have triggered this craving. 
I never liked pink lipstick because it tends to make my teeth look stained (aka yellow) but I'm loving the flirty and youthful vibe that it gives. Plus the fact that it's somehow effortless to apply as compared to the bright red lip.

My TIPS when wearing a hot pink lip:
- find a color that complements your skintone. 
- make the rest of your makeup simple and clean. you don't want your face to look "busy". use your lips as your focal point.
- first time to use a bright pink shade? use a matte one. it's less overwhelming on the face yet it gives the same effect and attention.


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