Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick MakeUp Tips for the Rainy Season

It's raining cats and dogs today. At around lunch time, we got an advise to finally go home before the height of the typhoon. Earlier that day, I was preoccupied about how I should wear my makeup as I'm feeling lazy and sleepy due to the bad weather.

Here's my quick tips when wearing makeup on a rainy weather. Remember these 3 things: Eyebrows, Complexion, Lips:

1. Work on your complexion. Dab on a tiny bit of concealer on some "problem" areas on your face and dust on some powder. Yes, POWDER. I prefer using a lightweight powder because putting on a heavy foundation will just slide off from the weather. The key is to make your face look flawless and not greasy.

2. Eyebrows. It's very important to have neatly groomed eyebrows because it frames the face. Nicely shaped brows can already draw the attention to your eyes. Hence, you can skip on eyeliners or mascaras.

3. For the Lips, I prefer to use tinted lipbalm afterwhich I use lip pencils all over my lips instead of lipsticks. The lip pencil won't be as drying because of the lipbalm applied.

There are different ways on how other people work it. I prefer it this way. During days when I want to alter this routine, I'd just grab a lipstick, dab it on my cheeks for a hint of color and use it on my lip as well. I'm not a fan of mascara because it never fails to smudge on me. I'm not big on curling my lashes either but there are days when I'd just grab an eyelash curler, curl away then use a clear mascara to hold the curls in place. ^^


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