Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Checking out Chic-Boy

My friend and I had lunch at Chic-Boy. It's not the usual lunch place that I'd try on ordinary days but having heard good feedbacks about it, I decided to give in.
We got there at around 12:30noon and the place was really crammed with hungry people. The setting kind of reminds me of Mang Inasal. However, I think Chic-Boy serves a wider variety of food choices. The quality is good too (for the price!).  Very cheap, you can have a full meal in a PhP100 plus unlimited rice.
We also got to try their Leche Flan which was also great. It's better than what the other establishments are serving. Better--- a LOT better! Only PhP20 people! I can hardly believe it! 

And of course, their COFFEE! I appreciate their transparency to their customers. When I ordered coffee, they immediately advised that they only had the usual 3in1 coffee. I didn't really mind because any coffee is great for me.
All in all, the experience was above average. The price is good. Food quality is ok but their LecheFlan is the best!!  Will be going back just for the leche flan. ^^

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