Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Friday Night! (PapaJ and Bazzo Bar)

I had a great time with my colleagues/friends last Friday night. Although it's freakin' far from where I live, the travel (and traffic) was well worth it.

Laughtrip moments here and there..
Holy Chicken.. We almost ate it.. took pictures with it..
BUT ..

..Only to find out that it wasn't our order! :P

Not ours as well! :D

I seldom post photos of myself on this blog but I'm going to post this one.

The chicken was just for starters..  Hello Tanduay Ice! ^^

Hi there old friend! I haven't had a bottle of you since this summer!

Meowski, Kim, NicaGanda, Gurly ^^

Haven't had this smile since my RHO days.. ^^
A lot has changed since July last year. I've been tamed and became a crybaby.
But I'm glad we're still the same.
Ang senti! AMF!
Ayoko pa pumasok bukas!! Hehehe :P

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  1. Invite me naman kapag may inuman:)