Friday, November 11, 2011

Playing with L.A. Colors

I had a chance to visit Market Market and visit their department store. I was surprised to see that the rack of LA Colors is fully stacked with new items. And so I decided to buy some items... 
Meet Matte Caramel Cream and Matte Strawberry (both at PhP60)

Guess which is which!
It's not my first time to try their lipsticks. I've been in love with a shade called Rich Caramel. It's a reddish brown color perfect for fall season. I decided to try Matte Strawberry because I think it'll make a good night out color.
Matte Caramel Cream on the other hand is a pretty day time color. It's more of a bright peach color than a brown one. 

It's my first time to try their nail polish (also at PhP60) . I love this color. When applied to my nails, it sets as a peachy transparent color with little gold shimmers. Princess-like color if I may say. ^^

And of course their eyeshadow. A first time as well. Bought it at PhP60. I already tried and this and I find it pretty. I don't usually play with these shades of brown because it makes me look sick but these shades are wearable. The shadows aren't that chalky as well. An amazing buy for PhP60. 
Because of this, I'll be looking out for more of their items. I think I like this better than the ELF ones. ^^


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