Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Pearl

It's true that as one grows older, one becomes more conscious of how the skin looks. When I was in college, I can go to school without any makeup on. I never thought of putting on sunscreen and carelessly stroll around the campus on bright day light.

Now I'm much more conscious of what I do for my skin. Been having an eye cream craze and I try no to  put on much eye makeup for fear of premature fine lines around the eyes. And now I'm having this skin craze.

I decided to try using sheet masks. I'm actually scared of using one for fear of breakouts. This is the first that I've tried - Tony Moly's.

The sales person recommended this Natural Pulp Essence - Pearl (PhP58 each) because I wanted a glowing skin. My skin has been looking dull and tired. Stress shows already. I was very happy to receive a free gift from the store .. Almond and Chocolate Peppero (not sure if that's really the brand.. all I know is that it's a Peppero Stick!).


Oh hello ghost from Wasteland!

When I opened the packet, the mask was folded and was really soaked with essence. I could have gotten a cotton ball and use the essence left in the packet. I think the mask did its just of brightening the skin. My skin felt moisturized until the next day (I used the mask before I went to sleep). Plus it didn't break me out. I wouldn't say that it works long term. Nope. I'd recommend this if your feeling ugly and you want to pamper yourself. It really is a refreshing treat. 


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