Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Year Round Christmas -- Bibingkinitan

It was my first time to try Bibingkinitan. I've often seen stall of this in malls and it's only now that I've tried this because it's highly recommended by my sister.
The Bibingka costs Php20 and they have a combo meal (bibingka + barako coffee) for PhP50. 
I had high expectations for this bibingka and I'm a BIT disappointed because I find it too sweet. I could've skipped the butter and sugar I guess. The coffee kills the sweetness though so it's all good.
I guess I wouldn't mind trying it out again for a quick snack/sugar.

Meet my swollen foot. Been on my toes the whole day. From the office to the mall. Me and my mom were fixing my room. For good feng shui I guess. We also started fixing the bathroom.. which is a relief!
It's a relief for the family but it's burning a whole on my pocket. I'd like to look at it on a positive note. It makes my mom happy, my family organized.. and it gives me excuses to spend reward myself with stuff. hehehe!! ^^

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  1. Its good thing bibingka can now be buy anytime of the year! Yum!