Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cosmetologie 2012

I finally experienced the Cosmetologie Fair. It was nothing special. I mean, really. I was actually expecting a lot of interesting beauty stuff there but none of them tickled my fancy. Suesh and Digital Traincase were there. Same with MUD and Everbilena (and other makeup brands like LA Colors, Wet n Wild and the likes). 

There was an exhibition when I got there..

..But I didn't really mind the program because this Goody stall caught my attention. OMO! They were selling the big Goody brushes for PhP100! Wtf. I bought mine at almost PhP500 at Robinson's.

Nope, this wasn't a part of the fair. I just want to post this yummy curry pasta from Peanut Butter Co. ^^

Back to the fair.. The I saw the Careline stall and didn't hesitate to pick up these 2 glosses. They were only selling 3 colors (the other 1 was in a shimmery light orange shade so I didn't buy it). These sell at PhP60 in malls but at the fair, they were being sold for PhP50! Can you believe it? :)

Avon Giveaway..

Another giveaway.. it's a pearl cleaning thing cloth.

Before I left the place, I went back to the Goody stall and bought some of these for my mom. ^^
I heard that the Cosmetologie Fair was better last year. We'll see if it'll hold more stalls next year. Hopefully they hold it on a Friday/Saturday.


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