Monday, March 26, 2012

Work Life - in the mean time.

It's Monday again! Ah.. the smell of papers on my desk. LOL
This picture was taken last week just before I left the office.  No more solitary office. I'm now sharing the office with the entire team and the only thing that preserves our privacy is a thin divider (per cubicle).
Oh Hello New Life! Oh hello, work life balance.
Now that I'm in a new industry, I've kind of understand that I am in control with my time. I miss the crazy life in the hotel. The industry that I am in right now is (if I may say) social but detached.
It's an irony, I know. Well, I'm treating it as a vacation from the hotel. Sort of a way to a higher phase of my life. I feel like an exchange student sent to a far away school

Sometimes, you got to take one step backwards to move 2 steps forward. 

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