Sunday, May 13, 2012

Healthy Body, Beautiful You

It all started with THE allergies..
...then it became worse that I had to take a half day leave at work.. and a whole day leave tomorrow! Boo!

Ok, I guess I'm getting old. I started being conscious with my health around 2 years ago when I was confined because of chronic asthma etc. Here are some things that I try to "master" to achieve good health:

1. DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER - and when I say plenty it's equivalent to drinking 1 litre of water in an hour. This doesn't apply when I'm at work but I challenge myself to drink that much when I go home. I noticed that it's not only good with colds but it's also a way of cutting down the size of my waistline (given that my salt intake is regulated too!). 

2. GOODBYE ALCOHOL - yes, I've had a change of heart. ^^ I used to be a cocktail drinker (or should I say SLURPER?). I enjoy trying out each and everyone of them. I stopped because I noticed that I get really sick the day after. It's a sign of aging probably. Well, alcohol leaves the body dehydrated. 

3. TAKING VIT C - I'm the laziest person you'll ever know. I used to skip taking my vits just because I'm lazy to do so. I've observed that taking a 500mg of Vit C at night and another one in the morning prevents me from having bad cases of colds. Acne also heals fast when I take them.

4. EAT RIGHT - If there are different dishes to choose from, there's a big probability that I'll pick fish/chicken over pork/beef. There are days when I treat myself to them. However, eating healthy has helped me feel good about myself. I also noticed that I get hungry faster when I choose fish/chicken. Maybe because it's easily digested by the body. Of course, we can't forget the leafy GREENS.

5. SLEEP SHOULD BE CHERISHED - I may sound like a granny but I sleep at 10:30PM, nothing more than that (well, sometimes I sleep at 11:00PM..hehehe). It took some practice though. I used to maximize the day by staying up late but it was taking a toll on me - I'm moody when I'm not well rested. Having at least 8 hours of sleep really does wonders. Simple? I know.

6. MOVE! - This I need to work on. Excercise. Sweat it out. The only way that I get to sweat it out is when I run around in the office. By the way, it sucks to run around in heels. ^^

7. DON'T STRESS - easy to say! Honestly, the only cause of my stress is work! Now that I'm in a new job, I've sorta learned how not to stress it out. It's just work (yeah right!) but there will always be times when things are out of our control - with that, just learn to shrug it off or laugh it out. 

When I'm sick, no amount of makeup can hide it. No concealer or eyeliner can make me look awake. Not even a good coral blush can make me look healthy. What's my point? If you're healthy, your real beauty shines through. "BLOOMING" sabi nga ng iba. Strive to be healthy!

I'm gonna take a rest. This is making me dizzy y'all.


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