Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yellow or Mustard 2

Remember my post about what to wear for a wedding? Well, here's what I wore. I failed to buy a similar mustard pants just like what I've shown in my previous post but I was able to get this flowy mustard pants from a bazaar in Cubao for only PhP300. The black tank top is from The Landmark which costs less than  PhP200.
I just enjoy scoring good finds. ^^
As for the wedding, it was hell of a day. It was sunny that day and I'm just glad that I wore comfy clothes. I only had less than 15 minutes to fix myself because I had to do the bride's makeup up to the last minute. And yes, once again.. I failed to take a before and after picture! booohooo! Now, I'll just have to wait for a copy from them. 


  1. thanks for following my blog - those pants look amazing on you!