Saturday, June 2, 2012

Andrea Individual False Lashes

I recently had a wedding gig and I opted to use these individual lashes instead of the full ones. Guess what? I think I did the right thing. I never thought working with these lashes is easy. I bought these Andrea lashes from Beauty Bar. It's challenging to find this kind of lashes in the malls here. It's either I order them online or go straight to Beauty Bar. As for the eyelash glue, it's has been something that I've been keeping with me for a while. It's not the transparent kind but it's very reliable when it comes to holding up the lashes.
It was humid that day (wedding day!) and I was surprised that there wasn't that much touch up needed when it comes to the eye makeup of the bride. Thank God for these lashes. Not only did it make my bride look more awake but it added a "kick" to my makeup. ^^

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