Thursday, June 21, 2012

Juice UP!

I find myself visiting the grocery almost every week to pick up a carton of natural fruit juice. Unfortunately, SM Megamall doesn't have a wide range of fruit juice to choose from. BOOO!
Drinking fruit juice is now a part of my day. It curbs my craving for coffee after dinner. Yes, even at night. I'm a heavy coffee drinker, I feel the need to drink every after meal or even in the afternoon. I'm quite picky though when it comes to choosing the brand of juice that I purchase. I make sure that it's sugar free and it's all natural. My favorite brand is Ceres.   It's not the best when it comes to taste as most of their juice tastes... sour! BUT it's natural.

Here are some reasons why drinking natural fruit juice is a must:
- it boosts our immune sysem (it contains minerals!)
- very good for bad cases of colds (must try is a guava juice! it's very rich in vitamin C!)
- it prevents dehydration (obviously! well, some have high levels of electrolytes -- depends on the what fruit it is!)

Happy Drinking! ^^ 

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