Thursday, June 28, 2012

Musings of a Workaholic

There are days when I just stare at old pictures. I find myself looking back and reassessing where I am and how far I have gone in terms of my career. I sound like a 94 year old corporate granny.  Now that I think about it, I guess I haven't really gone that far. 
Let me start with this: My name is Caeyo and I'm a workaholic. My job makes my world go round and somehow tonight I feel like I made a mistake of pursuing something that promotes work life balance. It sounds sick - I KNOW.

It just dawned on me that the most challenging times are also the most fulfilling ones.

Oh I remember the pain of waking up extra extra extra early to prepare for the summer outing.
BUT because of these company outings, I slowly learned to love the sea (not swimming. erm.)

I will never forget the male and female locker rooms. These were like my babies. Stayed until 10:00PM assigning locker numbers, cutting laminated tags, putting them on the lockers, doing all these -- WITHOUT aircondition or electric fan. We sweat like a pig.
BUT it felt good to be part of something new. 

The very simple First ERH Christmas party. It was tough because we had to work on a budget and I had to be resourceful to make a mock stage. It was a turning point for me. I sought for a breather after that. I set high standards for everything that I do BUT after the event, I learned that I can only do so much. Tao lang. The party wasn't a total flop but it wasn't something that I wanted it to be considering that it's a First. Well, if there's a FIRST.. then there's always a SECOND, a THIRD... there's always a way to make things better.

Handing out fliers at Eastwood City.  Guess what? A lot of people rejected the fliers BUT I challenged myself to face the rejections and decided to hop on a bus and continuously promote the job vacancies. It was a shameless plug!
Looking back, I realized that it's good to challenge myself and set a high standard. BUT it's another story if I set standards for other people.

Oh hello dear walls (walls of my former office). When I first moved in to my office, I disliked it. It was so quiet and I was surrounded by ash gray/white walls (and tons and tons and tons of papers!).
I now realize that I miss it. I miss having an office my own.  Tonight I learned to be thankful with what you have because you will never know if you're gonna have it the next time around.
Need I say more?  :)

I was locked in Office 4!
This picture reminds me to take work matters one day at a time. There are shit days and there are funny days.
No matter what kind of day it is, there is always tomorrow. 

Now..... I wonder what will happen tomorrow.. the day after tomorrow..  and the next few days.


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