Sunday, July 29, 2012

To BANG or not to BANG!

Have I told you that I'm discontent with my job because of the lack of "this" and "that"? 
Well, I'm not really keeping this discontentment a secret (here in world wide web) because I'm still working my hardest.

So... instead of hating the situation that I'm in, I've been thinking of ways on how to use the current situation to my advantage! Ah yes! The joy of being p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e.

I'm thinking of chopping off my bangs. It's something that I couldn't do when I used to work in hotels. Back then, the dress code was stiff. Even as a back office employee, we still had to radiate a strictly professional image. I used to hate that kind of image because I felt like I wasn't maximizing my youth. I got to admit that now, I miss it badly.
Going back to the topic, yes... in my current job, we have quite a laid back way of portraying the word "professional". Dress codes weren't really implemented harshly. So I think.. this is my chance to rock a full on bangs!!!!! RAWRR!! -_-

I'm a bit torn though. Having no bangs makes one classy and chic. Even the messy do that MaryKate/Ashley (I could never tell them apart!) looks effortless but great.

...but then...
I've always been a lover of the "lazy look". haha!
I love the boho hairstyle that Jules is rocking.
... Ok. I'm still undecided. We'll see in a couple of days (or even weeks) if I'm going to stick with my current do or not. ^^



  1. Aw.. Always think positive Cleo!..:) If you opt for something new.. Try the full bangs.. If you don't like something drastic.. try the side swept bangs..:P This is Louie by the way.. hahaha! if you're interested you could look at my blog as well..

    I hope everything gone well about my interview..:D