Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cab Cafe

I love Fridays!  I like the thought of being able to rest for 2 days straight and not care about work. ^^
Sounds lazy huh?
Me and my friend-o finally tried Cab Cafe. It's a small cafe in Pasig. They serve pastries, coffee, pasta, pizza and (my favorite) the breakfast platter. I have this weird habit of ordering a breakfast plate even it's lunch or dinner. I just love breakfast food. ^^
Cab Cafe's breakfast platter is simple but yummy. I especially liked the sausage which tasted like the sausages of Britain (yeah.. he lived there for a couple of years). Friend-o had a pasta plate and it was so yummy. ^^
After dinner, I bought muffins for ze family and everyone loved it. I only bought 3 (choco chip, blue berry and cheese) and still the waitstaff neatly placed it in a box. Ze family loved it. 
So I guess I'm off to buy another box next week. ^^


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