Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Change Your life: Quit Your Job!

Watch this video if you're unhappy with your job. ^^

Just last week, I heard a rumor that I'll be resigning from my job soon (think December!). It's funny because they got the wrong month. Haha! To be honest, my current job doesn't stink that much but it's not kick ass as well. I can go home exactly after 10 hours of work, I can eat lunch at exactly 12 noon and I can paint my nails and dress for work in any way I want (but I still choose not to do so). These are 3 simple things that I never experienced while working in a hotel. I hate the fact that I'm back to an R&F post (something that I would've not accepted if only this kind of truth was told during the job offer) and that some employees there lack a sense of service and ownership. *nods*

BUT.. let's face it -- there's no perfect job. It's up to you how you want to perceive things. So for all rumor-monsters whom I know will never get to read this blog because they're so uncool.. hehehe..  I'm still sticking it out.


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