Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vignette Bistro

It was our first time to dine at Vignette Bistro. It's this small cute restaurant beside Coffee Bean (Emerald Avenue). The place was an eye candy. Love the chandeliers and the printed chairs that can be seen from the outside.
Their menu was a-ok. We ordered pasta. Nothing interesting. Just plain Sausage Pasta. The food was ok. Nothing addictive. Since me and my friend were trying to veer away from cola and other sugar infused drinks, we asked for a simple glass of water. To make the story short, there was a plastic in his glass of water. Interesting!
We called the food server and asked for another glass. She shrugged and called the other server. Didn't even ask what our concern was. BoohoO! Poor Customer Service. The supervisor even mentioned that they get their water from the faucet. O_o
It all ended when the supervisor asked my friend his name and contact details. I guess they're worried because he's a food handler himself.

Well, Vignette Bistro.. if you ever get to read this.. here are a few things you might want to improve in your resto:
1. Customer Service - your supervisor was a bit shaken when we relayed our concern. She was nervous and it's all written on her face.
2. Ventilation - You need to add more exhaust where ever. It's a bit stuff inside.
3. Menu - maybe you can add a food description in your menu so your guests would have an idea as to what they're about to eat.
4. Cleanliness - your table is sticky!

If I'll ever be a restaurant critic, I guess a lot of restaurants in Metro Manila would be forced to close down. ^^
I'm content with being a nomadic   corporate person right now. :P

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