Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick ways to lose your belly!

Just a few days more and it's the Belly Dance show!
Yey! I've finally memorized the 4 dances after nonstop practice. I'm not really a dancer. If you watch me dance, you'll see a lot of my awkwardness. But then who cares? I love to dance. 

Speaking of Belly Dancing, we will obviously be baring our bellies. Although it's not a big issue in the Belly Dance community if you have a big belly or not, I'm somehow conscious of having an enormous tummy --tummy which is seemingly bigger than my!. 

Here are some fast ways to lose your belly fat in a few days.. 

1. Lose the Salt - Salt retains water in your tummy. So good bye salt, toyo, patis.. etc. BoohooO!
2. Sweat it out! -- Doing crunches won't make a big difference. It's more of cardio exercises that will help you lose the fat. After losing the fat, you can do crunches to tighten/tone your stomache muscles.
3. Eat Healthy -- A friend told me that red meat stays in your tummy for 2 days. It takes a while for your tummy to digest it. Lessen the carbs if you think your not burning it at all. Opt to eat more veggies, chicken/fish. Load up on fibers and aim to go to the bathroom!
 4. Skip the alcohol or Soda -- need I say more?
5. Lastly, if you've still done all these and your big belly is just there... then simply learn to love it.
Improve your posture, tuck your tummy in and walk/dance with confidence. ^^

Now now... Just sharing with you some cute cropped tops I saw from ASOS. I've been ASOS-ing for the past days. I wish we have it here in the Philippines. 


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