Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's up poi?

I have been on hiatus because of the lack of passion and drive for writing. I was never really MIA on the web. Actually, I've been reading more articles than ever. ^^

It's already December! Can you believe it? A lot will be happening this month. During my spare time, I've been practicing my butt off for the belly dance show. After almost 2 years of skipping my dance class, I felt like a newbie once again. I'm thinking of continuing this even after our show next week. 

I honestly feel like I'm going crazy when I'm not doing anything. Yes, especially when I'm home so I'm thinking of adding another activity into my crazy lifestyle. What do you think of this..

Photo from Planet Zips
Oh yes! We'll see if this is really going to happen.  ^^  


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