Saturday, January 12, 2013

Things to do when you're bored and sick?

Oh Hello! I'm sick and I'm forced to stay home. I guess I wouldn't be leaving the parameters of my room today and maybe tomorrow. I've been out and about. Too much "happenings" can really take a toll on one's health.  It's ok though. I'm going to do it all again. ^^

So here's a picture of the last party that I attended. I hopped on to the venue as soon I left the office. Yes, that was I wore in the office - all black (high waisted pants and semi-backless top) plus green belt and shoes.  I had to let my hair down the whole time in the office so I wouldn't offend the dress code.
Have I told you that "Australian" shoes is having a continuous sale? These green shoes are for sale for only around P700. Can you believe it? 

Going back to me being sick.. it left me thinking about what I want to do this year. I'm thinking of adding value on myself so I carefully plotting my "itinerary" for the first quarter of this year. You see, 2012 went by so fast and I think I spent that whole year watching youtube videos and reading blogs. This year I want to be more PROactive. *wink*

I'll definitely learn how to drive this quarter! It's a must to get a drivers license. No more laziness I swear.

Learn to cook. Well, just a bit. I'm not the domesticated kind. I'm a corporate rat but a lazy babe at home. 
So I'm going to start learning how to make... Omelette! wahahaha! ^^ Congratulate me please. 

..and of course continue dancing. I'm taking Belly Dancing more seriously than ever. 

I have a lot of things I want to do (like going back to makeup school!) but I want to take things slowly. One goal at time Caeyo. I've been buying all these shoes (which reminds me I have to make a vid soon!) and other things but I realized that it's the experiences that makes me feel more fulfilled.  

See you when I get well.. hopefully soon.


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