Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skirt and Sneaks Combo

For those who know me well, I wear heels almost 6 days a week. I barely own a pair of rubber shoes or sneakers. If I ever wear one, it would mean that there's something wrong with me. Even if I'm too lazy to dress up I'd choose wearing slippers over sneaks.

I was just surprised when I tried on this black draw string skirt. It was long and had a slit at the back. I tried on my heels... it didn't match. I tried on a pair of flats.. it didn't match. Tried on a few more pairs and still it didn't match. So I grabbed my old pair of Bench sneakers (ever reliable! been with me for years!) and it did match the skirt.

Here are other long skirt and sneaks combos that I saw at Google Images:

My version of skirt and sneaks. Skirt from St. Francis Square/ Shoes from Bench

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