Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking Care of Your Beloved Shoes

I was doing some cleaning today when I discovered that most of my favorite pairs of shoes are already nearing their death. I tried to preserve them by wearing them only during "special" occasions. I guess I should have worn them more often. 

Since my heart is broken as always by what happened, I went on to search for different means on how to take care of my beloved pairs of shoes. Here's what I found:

  •  Don't wear a pair too often. What I mean by too often is wearing them everyday. Have a few more pairs that you can use on rotation. 
  • I bet some of us have sweaty feet. Make sure that you use an insole or a toe cap/socks before slipping into pumps or any closed toe shoes. This is one good way of avoiding stinky shoes.
  • There are days when we find ourselves bored to death at home (like me!). During those days, try to visit your pairs and have them cleaned. 
  • Have a separate box or storage for your shoes. Throwing your shoes together with the others simply promotes scratches on their surface and destroys their forms. 
  • Shoe trees. Yup. These shoe best bud help preserve the shape of your shoes. It's also a good way to stretch the size of your shoes.
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes. Think about the quality of the shoes before purchasing one. Not only will it last longer, it gives you a sense of pride and power when you wear them. ^^
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