Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Want Healthy Skin?

I'm kind of regretting indulging in a food feast for the past month because it has already taken a toll on my skin. I've been breaking out like crazy and it's scary. I'm very much aware of how my skin reacts on certain food. I break out when I eat lots of dairy (coffee and ice cream!), salty and processed foods. 
So today I have decided to go back to my usual "semi-healthy" diet (I don't believe in starving myself or plainly eating ONLY veggies! We need balance people!).

Here are a few tips that I've researched in my desperation to get a healthy zit free skin:

- Drink lots of water! The oldest advice in the book.
- Vitamin C helps heal old pimple scars faster.
- Be mindful of what you eat. Go for the greens.
- Drink coffee moderately (I thought it's supposed to be alcohol which should be taken moderately! haha!)
- Easy on the salt! Not only will it make you bloated but it also aggravates acne.
- Keep your hair and your hands off your face (simple but hard for me to do) .

Me and my zit. ^^

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