Sunday, March 24, 2013

Excessive drinking and Acne

I  was shocked to see myself in the bathroom mirror after several shots of Cuervo. Agh! My face was oily and my pimples has gone mad! 

I've sober for the past months but I just couldn't pass up from my self imposed liquor ban when we celebrated my close friend's birthday. It was a fun and semi drunken night and I was surprised to see myself so wasted in front of the bathroom mirror (nope, I didn't throw up - not my style!). My pimples have gotten bigger and they have gone mad.

Excessive drinking of any liquor changes the levels of hormones in your blood. It's probably why they attack of the zits happened. I've read that the level of liquor consumption is affects the level of one's testosterone and estrogen which leads the body to produce more sebum (maybe that's the reason why my face was extra oily that night). 

I'm now trying to drink lots of water to counteract the dehydration. The skin on my legs feel a lot dry than usual and my pimples are well... still big and red. Will be loading up on all the healthy things today! 


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